Quartet Systems, Inc.

2748 Laramie Gate Circle

Pleasanton, CA 94566

The Quartet Metaphor:

Quartet Systems Inc. builds and maintains custom business databases.  Our name is a metaphor for how we like to do business - we combine with our clients to form a small group of talented people, working closely together to form elegant and efficient database solutions to their business needs.

Our Clients:

Quartet formed in 1983, and since then we’ve been privileged to work with many well known organizations, including University of California, KTVU, Alameda County, the Diocese of San Jose, the Diocese of Oakland, Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Mellon Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, Macys, and 3M.  Of course, we have quite a few less well known clients who also have impressive database requirements.  Please contact us for a full set of references.

How We Work:

Quartet typically gets involved in a project during the design phase.  We assign a Project Manager who meets with users and supervisors to document system requirements.  After several iterations, both sides agree on an original system to be built.  Quartet then writes the programs, installs them, converts existing data, trains users, and provides ongoing support for the system.

The Key - Ongoing Support:

Requirements for a successful custom database system keep changing.  Our clients just pick up the phone to reach us to make those changes.  We know our clients’ businesses, and since our programmers practically never leave Quartet (only through retirement) you’re likely talking to the person who originally designed and built your app.

Since we work by the hour, maintenance calls to Quartet are not an interruption, but an opportunity for us to extend our relationship with you.  Three of our earliest clients - University of California, Alameda County and KTVU - are still among our most active accounts.  We've developed strong relationships that span decades.

Contact Information:

Chip Smith

530 265-6231

Skip Morehead

925 425-9520

David Wilson

916 983-7153